Welcome to the Citadel Webstore!

About the Server

The Citadel was born from two friends wanting to have a fun survival experience with a little more to it. Over winter break from college, we decided to start working on our own server that any friends could join in on. Once we started creating, we couldn't stop. Idea after idea, block placed after block placed, we just kept on adding new features and polishing it until we got a workable beta! All of our friends kept telling us how much they were enjoying the experience, so we decided to put in more time, effort, and resources to make this experience available for anyone who wants it!

Our goal with the Citadel is to provide an exciting survival and builder multiplayer experience by expanding upon core aspects of gameplay without changing or removing much from the vanilla experience. To achieve this, we've got a long term progression system with skills and stats; A unique rankup system that grants useful, powerful, and fun commands, access to new dimensions, custom enchants, OP vanilla enchants, and more!; New unique dimensions that provide a harder challenge but reward players with amazing loot and rare resources; A player-centered economy, where players can create their own shops and build stores in a dedicated area near spawn; Players can earn money by selling a multitude of renewable and farm-able items to a curated shop which allows for many unique ways to get rich, and by completing quests; A minimal server store which sells difficult or annoying to get items in survival, so players can spend their time on their projects instead of a boring grind; Various traders around spawn such as Bombur the Blacksmith, Wyndy the Witch, William Warlock, and Alfred the Alchemist, who offer custom potions, custom enchants, resource transmutation, custom items (such as a pickaxe that can break mob spawners) and more to come; Crates that reward custom gear, custom mob spawners, rare resources, in-game money, and other custom items- Most crates are attainable via in-game currency and progression, and others can be exclusively unlocked through our webstore.

Additionally, our server has numerous datapacks installed that enhance vanilla features, provide further end-game progression, and quality of life features. The list of datapacks and plugins can be found here https://docs.google.com/spread...

Multiplayer features: We expect everyone to be respectful to others, but we like to provide absolute security. Players can claim land, which protects it from any form of interaction from other players. Players be trusted to build and interact by the claim owner. We use BetterSleeping which requires a percentage of players to sleep in order to pass the night, otherwise time will speed up until day. 

Get in touch!

The best way to reach us is on our discord! Feel free to direct message Laddison or Thickbeagle with any questions or concerns, or talk with anyone else in the discord. We have a lot of friends in there who can reach us easier as well! Join here: https://discord.gg/TzAkCmRR5f

About Laddison

Hello! My name is Laddison, but my real name is a secret. I am a junior in college studying computer engineering. As a kid, I moved around a lot so gaming was always a way to stay in touch with my friends from different states. Gaming turned into a love for computers in general, then branched off into my computer engineering major! Away from the computer, I have played competitive soccer and basketball my whole life, and I just love being outside in general. I also enjoy watching soccer and I support Manchester United. If you are a Man U fan, give me a shout on Discord I would love to talk about it!

About thickbeagle

Greetings! I am a junior in college studying visual communication design. Some of my interests include camping, drawing (i am not good), psychology, computer science, and astrophysics. I am curious about how the world works and I enjoy learning about how various things function, such as computer systems and the human body. My dog's name is Marley, and no, he is not a beagle. He's a labradoodle. He is very fluffy! I enjoy pondering existence while zoning out at the dinner table, as well as coming up with cool ideas but having no realistic goals to achieve them. I love myself some hummus and carrots as a go-to snack. That's all there is to know about me! I hope you enjoy the Citadel SMP!

Want to support this project?

The Citadel is owned by Laddison and thickbeagle, two friends of 12 years who started playing minecraft back in 6th grade. Now in college, in our free time we still get on to connect as we are going to colleges across the country. Gaming has been one of the best ways for us to stay in touch. As we are poor college students, any sort of help running the server is greatly appreciated! If you are enjoying yourself and want to support our server, go and check out the rest of the store and see what we have to offer. Any purchase on this store may give you items in-game, but the primary purpose is to take all our earnings and invest it back into the growth and development of our server.